Women Shaping Africa – Senamile Masango

Senamile Masango, popularly known as Sena, is the First African woman to conduct an African led experiment At CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research physicists and engineers who are probing the fundamental structure of the universe, using the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments to study the basic constituents of matter and its fundamental particles. Her impressive research topic earned her an invitation to join the American Journal of Modern Physics as an editorial member representing Africa.

Through her Non-Governmental Organisation, Women in Science and Engineering in Africa (“Wise Africa”) Masango profiles women scientists and engineers, lobbies for their advancements and provides leadership and role models for young people wishing to enter the fields of Science and Technology.

Masango’s WISE Africa highlights and addresses challenges faced specifically by women in the field of science and strengthens the research efforts as well as training opportunities for young women Scientists and Engineers. In her work, she Increases the scientific productivity and efficiency of women scientist in the third world by conducting surveys and analysing the status of women; while promoting the recognition of their achievements.

Senamile Matriculated at Mlokothwa High School in 2003. Her formal qualifications include BSc in Physics and Electronics from University of Zululand; Diploma in Project Management from Varsity College; and Honours BSc in Physics with a Nuclear Physics major from University of Zululand. She is currently studying MSc in Nuclear Physics at University of the Western Cape.

She is currently the Project Manager and Acting Director at CMA Consultant Engineers; she is also the Ambassador for a “Women Shaping Africa” (WOSA) project – “Girl Set Go!”.

Masango teaches Maths and Physics to high school learners.

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