The collection I created was to celebrate women for Women’s History Month. Typically when we think about Women’s History Month the focus is on power, accomplishments, fighting for rights, and speaking out. And those are all wonderful, but for this collection, I wanted to focus on something different. Like the strength in healing, beauty, peace, introspection, self-care and self-love, emotional support, intimacy, and sisterhood…especially for women of color.

Andrea Pippins is a talented, Black woman illustrator whose work has been featured in O Magazine, Essence Magazine, and more. She has worked with institutions such as Lincoln Center and the National Museum Of African American History And Culture. I first discovered Pippins’ work with the coloring book she created, “I Love My Hair,” which is beautifully designed and represents the various facets of African-American hair which will have you (or your kid!) coloring for hours. The illustrator has an uncanny ability to use her craft to elevate the mood and mindset of Black people through rethinking and celebrating our uniqueness and idiosyncratic natures be it hair, skin tone or our overall essence.

Andrea Pippins Adobe Artwork

In honor of Women’s History Month, Pippins’ partnered with Adobe Stock Images to create a series of illustrations that celebrate and encourage self-love and self-care for Black women. 10 images in total, each image speaks to the dynamism of Black women and calls for us to put ourselves first and remember the queens that we are. These images are for sale on the Adobe Stock website.

Young Gifted and Black is a children’s book celebrating 52 icons from past and present. It was written by Jamia Wilson and illustrated by me. This book is a resource for kids to learn about and be inspired by the amazing lives of each featured icon. I think it’s a great book for parents to read and discuss with their children about overcoming obstacles, settings goals, and reaching for dreams.

she gave advice to illustrators looking for more visibility with their work

I would say the most important thing is to keep making art and share as much as possible. Find a digital platform that works for you and use that space to show your process, your inspirations, your story, and of course the work. It’s a great way to connect with potential clients, and they get to really understand who you are as an illustrator. And teach. Share what you know, that’s a great way for people to see your work.

credit: Hello beautiful
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