Working with black women is what i choose to do because i cant complain about a problem and not try and change the narrative. Black stylists are just as important and our own representation within our own community is very imortant as well.

The designer took some time to chat with Genevieve Magazine about her influence to the top of the roster.

I loved my experiences as an intern, then assistant to a solo stylist. It is vital lessons learned when interning for any major publication. Both W Magazine and Teen Vogue were amazing opportunities to gain experience with. While at Teen Vogue, I was able to have access to fashion stylists and when i explored their world a bit, I realised that was the world i wanted to be a part of.

I take each client for who they are. for me, looking at Yara Shahidi, Kelly Rowland and Jhene Aiko- although they are all my female clients, they all have different vibes and love for Fashion.

There are so many obstacles as a designer. The biggest challenge is finding your voice in the midst of it all. I the Fashion  Industry is slowly getting a bit better, but we are still fighting as Black Creatives. And i never allow fear to win.

Being a Fashion Stylist and Designer are two different careers that i continue to take one day at a time when creating for both aspects of my life. I am also very heavily inspired by my reality and word outside of the Fashion norm. To me, I look at my friends, people on the street and find inspiration from old photographers work to continue to nourish my brands and keep my mind fresh for both creative parts of my life.

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