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A special highlight on the work of Community & Youth Development Initiatives, CYDI Nigeria, a non-governmental organization founded on the principle that true development is self-development... 
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Community & Youth Development Initiatives (CYDI), is a non-governmental organization (NGO) founded on the principle that true development is self-development.  CYDI was established on 1st July 2001 in response to the result of the 1999 National HIV/syphilis Sero-prevalence Sentinel Survey, which showed that HIV prevalence among young people (20-24 yrs.) ranged from 4.2%-9.7%.

CYDI is a non-governmental organization established in 2001 to help government and other stakeholders to address the health and developmental challenges faced by young people (10-24 years) in Imo State.  CYDI’s VISION is to “a world where every young person is safe and empowered”.  Our MISSION is to “to work with young people and their guardians to advocate for policies and implement programmes that protect them from abuse, neglect and exploitation in our society”.  Our thematic areas are Reproductive Health, Poverty Reduction and Capacity Development.  Our VALUES are Partnership, Equity, Tolerance, Commitment, and Honesty (PETCH).  Our CLIENTS are young people (10-24 years) and their Guardians. CYDI was registered on 23rd March 2004, with Corporate Affairs Commission (RC: 16,547).

In 2001, CYDI started providing reproductive health and developmental services to young people (10-24 years) in Imo State.  In the past 16 years (2001-2017), CYDI has implemented 48 projects in 9 key sectors, namely, Agriculture-1; Economic Empowerment-1; Education-1; HIV&AIDS-21; Infrastructural Development-12; Malaria-2; Peace Building-1; Reproductive Health 8 (Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting-7, Family Life and HIV Education-1); and Tuberculosis-1. The beneficiaries have been young people, their guardians and other community members in the 27 Local Government Areas of Imo State. We have addressed these problems by increasing the people’s capacity to manage their own health and development.  This strategy is based on CYDI conviction that self-development is true development.

In July 2015, CYDI RE-STRUCTURED its programme in line with the National Policy on the Health and Development of Adolescents and Young People in Nigeria (2007).  CYDI now focuses on 5 major areas of need for young people (10-24 yrs.) in Imo State.  These are, namely, 1) Sexual and Reproductive Health; 2) Substance Abuse; 3) Nutrition; 4) Career/Employment and 5) Social adjustment/Parental responsibility.  CYDI now provides age-appropriate health and development services to its clients in Imo State through the Oby Resource Centre (ORC), Community and Youth Outreach (see Figure 1, below). Due to our work, young people in our intervention communities now have access to appropriate information and services that enable them to make healthier choices.  Despite our moderate success, CYDI and partners are working to ensure that all young people in Imo State have access to reproductive health and developmental information and services.

In 2016, CYDI developed a 3-year Strategic Plan (July 2016-July 2019), which led to a change in its vision and mission, however, our clients still remain young people and their guardians.

The CYDI team

Chibundum Nelson addressing girls during a CYDI outreach

CYDI’s work is supported by individuals, government, and donor agencies. Some key funders in the past 15 years are, namely, 1) Global Dialogues Trust; 2) Imo State Agency for the Control of AIDS; 3) European Union/Micro Project Program in Six States; 4) Centre for Development and Population Activities; 5) Society for Family Health; 6)United States Agency for International Development; 7) Global Funds for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria;8) Catholic Relief Services; 8) Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND Foundation); 9) United Nations Population Fund/Civil Resource Development and Documentation Centre  and 10) The Girl Generation (TGG).

CYDI has a 6-room office, with basic furniture and equipment needed to operate efficiently.  CYDI has a 5-member Board of Trustees. The daily activities are managed by 7 full-time STAFF (Program Director, Program Officer, Finance/Administrative Officer, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Project Officer (HIV Testing Services, Social Media/Project Officer and Administrative Assistant).  The staffs are supported by a growing network of trained volunteers.  CYDI management systems and processes are guided by three policy manuals (Administrative, Financial and Program).

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