Serving as a Media Agency for Women Matters;

Women Shaping Africa will serve as a media agency to aggressively publicize issues affecting black and ethnic minority women of African descent on a global scale through the eyes of women within their own communities. We will deliver a new context to women matters by rooting real time information from real women who do not have the platform to air their views to cause a change, and may never get heard. These issues could range from early marriage, inequality, child labour, violence against women, health issues, lack of educational opportunities, disparities in leadership roles for women etc.

We Will Seek to make this possible through women partnerships built across a formidable management structure –

which encourages women within communities to showcase women issues and stories akin to their localities via relatable media which can be taken viral on popular social and digital media platforms. These include creative content development in video, picture and written formats which would be submitted to our platform for vetting, adoption and subsequent highlights.

Women Shaping Africa will demonstrate its support for these issues through public awareness and sensitization of creative content affecting women and the girl child across its platforms and selected media partner platforms.

Connecting Established Women to Vulnerable Women;

Women Shaping Africa will utilize its women crowd-sourced creative content as a –

resource powerhouse to empower vulnerable women within local African and global communities –

by connecting women who need help with established women who can offer them sustainable support.

Women Shaping Africa will tap into established and organized resources of leading women to empower and enlighten disenfranchised women on health issues, developmental issues, education, soft skills training, enterprise funding etc., by leveraging their resources such as businesses, associations, education, network and opportunities within.

These established women will be tapped from our country forums created to expand our work reach across every local community with real women playing and initiating real developmental roles that can change lives from the grassroots.

Convening Global Women Conferences and Events;

Women Shaping Africa will play host to annual global WOSA conferences and events, attracting established women across continents to discuss real issues, and promote advocacy related matters that affect vulnerable women with select women among the vulnerable who have received support and are moving towards sustainable futures sharing their impact stories with the world.

These events will include Women leadership ICON Awards which rewards exceptional leadership performance in industry, women advocacy, mentoring and support to vulnerable women; Annual Girl-Child Conference to enhance publicity and policy enhancement drives for the improvement of the well-being of the girl-child and our –

WOSA Monthly Interactive Forum, a community based Ted-talk replicated framework platform to promote the ideologies behind women programs and initiatives.

Women Shaping Africa will aim to partner with top existing women conferences across Africa and the international community through its Country and regional offices where our mission can be aired, shared and embraced. These conferences which will be selected based on specific standards e.g. on their ability to draw together an outstanding crop of women with the power to enforce change, open doors and provide support to the vulnerable.

Women Shaping Africa (WOSA) Reports;

Women Shaping Africa like every other masterful change organization will lead the charge on issues affecting black and ethnic minority women of African descent with the most current and up to date statistics and data which global agencies can quote to educate and to determine the future in women development and global support programs.

These reports which will form quarterly open source documents will climax in our annual publications –

showing reportage on WOSA’s collaborations, campaigns and initiatives, highlighting policies of governments affecting black and ethnic minority women of African descent and the creation of white papers showcasing case studies and statistics on specific issues affecting this vulnerable population.

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