Music producer, songwriter and entrepreneur, TRAKGIRL transforms what it means to be an emerging woman producer within the industry. She’s passionate about encouraging women to gain access to more expansive roles within the heavily male-dominated production and business aspects of the music industry.

Boles is currently expanding her brand to promote self-awareness and women empowerment in the music industry as well technology through music production. She’s been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Complex, BET and Nylon as a musical force to be reckoned with. Through speaking engagements and producer clinics, she’s passionate about delving into music technology and public speaking to serve as a mentor to other women entering the industry. Currently, she has 9 public appearances and speaking engagements with various brands and notable institutions such as TIDAL, BET, Georgetown University and Spotify under her belt. Additionally, as an entrepreneur, Boles has taken her unique brand into the fashion world with her latest venture, PAY US TODAY which promotes fair pay for creatives and producers, as well as shining a light on fair business practice.

 In January, Boles created the 7% Series to uplift women in music. With a make-up of less than 7% of women who are producers and engineers, representation is scarce. She created the series with the goal of creating a unified inclusive platform to craft solutions while building and strengthening the community. The 7% Series launches today in Los Angeles in partnership with stem, a platform that pays creatives for their work.
Forbes spoke with Boles about her experiences as a woman in the music industry, what inspires her and how she’s paying it forward for other female producers.
When I first started, I needed a really cool alias. “TRAK” is for recordings “GIRL,” well it’s pretty obvious. Today, TRAKGIRL means so much more to me. It’s empowering. All girls and women can be their own TRAKGIRL – achieving their goals in their crafts, creating what they want. I want to show others that you can build a career creating what you envision.
”I really want to continue to use my voice and be an advocate for women who wish to become a music producer. I’m doing a lot of workshops, speaking on panels at Universities and for a few brands. I’ve recently created this new initiative and event series called The 7% Series, this series dedicated to highlighting women in music while creating a unified & inclusive platform to strengthen our community. The 7% will launch this May in LA. I really want to share my knowledge and inspire people. I’m just an advocate for women; I’m all for empowerment.
I feel like everyone in any industry has gone through difficulties. People doubting you in the beginning, hearing more “not” than “yeses”. You just have to continue to push and make it happen with the resources you have.

 Right now I’ve been working on amazing projects with Native Instruments and Serato/Roland.  I’ve been speaking on their panels, discussing technical techniques and software, etc. I’ve been sharing my voice with the producer community.  I’m looking forward to the future of building workshops, events, panel series and eventually. I have a lot of ideas.

I really want to show other creatives that you can create a career by your standards and build on your visions that turn into realities. It’s important to set examples.

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