Women Shaping Africa has served as a prolific social change platform, championing the cause of ostracized women and girls living with the dreaded obstetric fistula, a disease created as a result of complications in early childbirth, resulting from child marriage.

As an organization, Women Shaping Africa has generated lasting conversations around this issue, connecting with world leaders, business moguls and social innovators to promote the wellbeing of individuals living with the disease.

With great success achieved in the past years, Women Shaping Africa having proven its mettle in this critical subject area, reducing the prevalence of the disease among infected persons, is set to go all out to shape the narrative around major issues dogging adult women and the girl child in Africa and their counterpart, women of African descent one community at a time.

We are poised to making this vision actual through our most veritable force – women.

Through partnerships with women across every African and international community, Women Shaping Africa will serve and act as a voice on issues that need public drive and conversations to foster change at all levels of governance.

To this end, Women Shaping Africa is evolving to assume the full shape of its name, by working as a transformational vehicle in highlighting the plight of black and ethnic minority women of African descent.