HBO & Serena Williams team up for documentary project.

A new HBO documentary, Being Serena, focuses on the tennis Stars life and all the major changes it has undergone in the last couple of years profiling her life and career, getting married, becoming a mother, venturing into new business endeavors and yet staying on top of her sporting career all in what may seem like one breath.

Williams says she puts so much pressure on herself, she’s engulfed in new life with her daughter, Olympia Alexis Ohanian Jr. and expresses her uncertainty about tennis being a major part of her future; and then blurts out in determination, “I’m not done yet”.

In the documentary, we see that Williams is still dedicated to her career, even if the time is quickly approaching when she’ll no longer able to play tennis. She’s too busy raising her beautiful daughter with husband Alexis Ohanian, working on various charitable endeavors like the work she does at the Serena Williams Foundation and doing things like appearing in various public-speaking engagements; Williams isn’t slowing down anytime soon, and Being Serena makes that clear.

Watch trailer below

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