Gabrielle Union Found It Therapeutic Writing About Her Rape

Gabrielle Union said she found it “therapeutic” to write her book, ‘We’re Going to Need More Wine.’ The actress said writing was a good way to help her heal.


“Writing my book was therapeutic. Whether I was talking about sexual assault, failed marriages or finding joy in being my authentic self.” These were her words when she granted an exclusive interview to Good Housekeeping Magazine, and we found it uplifting, we had to share it.

“Acknowledging your pain is the first step, and then seeking help,” she said. “The online community is full of people going through the exact same thing you are.” In We’re Going to Need More Wine, Union gets real about everything from losing her virginity to anxiety and her career.

There are reasons why Union advocates for victims of sexual assault and is an activist for women’s reproductive health, and they’re deeply personal. In More Wine, Union opens up about her violent rape at the hands of a gunman while working in a Payless shoe store in 1992, she was just 19. The emotional essay delves into the paranoia and fear she experienced post-attack, but also focuses on the safe space of the UCLA Rape Crisis Center where she found a community of survivors.

The final essay in the book focuses on her friendship with childhood friend Sookie Martinez, who died after her stage four metastatic breast cancer diagnosis. She explained that her friend’s diagnosis is part of why she’s an active supporter of Planned Parenthood and its breast health care. In a tear-jerking moment, she describes asking her friend what she wants her legacy to be, to which Martinez responds, “I want you to tell people that fear can kill you. I was afraid, and it killed me.” Cue sobbing.

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