Women Shaping Africa will play host to annual global WOSA conferences and events, attracting established women across continents to discuss real issues, and promote advocacy related matters that affect vulnerable women with select women among the vulnerable who have received support and are moving towards sustainable futures sharing their impact stories with the world.

These events will include Women leadership ICON Awards which rewards exceptional leadership performance in industry, women advocacy, mentoring and support to vulnerable women; Annual Girl-Child Conference to enhance publicity and policy enhancement drives for the improvement of the wellbeing of the girl-child and our WOSA Monthly Interactive Forum, a community based Ted-talk replicated framework platform to promote the ideologies behind women programs and initiatives.

Women Shaping Africa will aim to partner with top existing women conferences across Africa and the international community through its Country and regional offices where our mission can be aired, shared and embraced. These conferences which will be selected based on specific standards e.g. on their ability to draw together an outstanding crop of women with the power to enforce change, open doors and provide support to the vulnerable.