Healthcare for Fistula Prevention & Treatment:

Because many young girls have been denied access to information and support to protect their own sexual and reproductive health, WOSA has a particular interest in creating a safe environment for girls and women to make informed decisions.

WOSA has several projects going on to increase community awareness and support for the women and girls with fistula and improve their care. Our activities bring in new partnerships, innovated ideas, and have developed programs that are sustainable.

Through these activities, we focus on helping communities understand and see the plight of young girls and feel their pain. We urge communities to become involved and participate in rehabilitation programs.

Girl Rights Advocacy:

WOSA understands the importance of partnering with governments, nonprofit organizations, lobbyists, and civil organizations to understand the social and psychological challenges girls and women experience.

WOSA advocacy drive hinges on encouraging governments to improve the Child’s Rights Act. Stop child marriages, child labor, child abuse, and other crimes against children. Increase child protection, education, and empowerment.

Life Skills & Leadership Development:

Our life-skills components include areas on health, human rights, leadership, and community resources. The training is structured in a way that girls will gain self-confidence and have a voice in decisions that affect their lives.

Economic Empowerment:

WOSA’s social impact community allows young black and ethnic minority girls to build careers and purposeful lives. We will provide year-round personal development classes, social entrepreneurship education, peer mentoring, and resource-sharing tools to help them develop and grow in their social lives.